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Update Number 2



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Below is the full patch list.

Balance Fixes:

- Lowered Hp rate to come into line with all other classes. They should get the same amount as every other class now.
- Put Mp rate back to how it was.

- Slightly increased Hp rate.
- Slightly decreased melee damage to compensate.
- Fixed Mastery skill.

- Slightly increased melee damage again.

- Increased Hp rate.

- Increased Hp rate.

General Fixes:
- Removed an item that would allow players to abuse an aspect of the game that would give them a very unfair advantage in Pvp.
- Reduced Red Chip rate further. The market has been over inflated with Red Perin, we will be working on ways to get it down to reasonable levels. I want to attempt to avoid wiping all Red Perin.
- Changed the Arena teleport button to be Saint Morning's Dungeon as people were abusing it.
- Movement Speed decreased to be only 100%. This may increase in the future, we are just seeing if it will improve people glitching in the Arena and Guild Siege.

This was more of a quick update to fix a major issue. Therefore I hadn't finished all the planned updates.

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