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Patch notes 16th October



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Premium System

Yellow name with [Premium] Next to your name.
50% more experience.
50% more drops.
+500 All stats, +250% hp

New premium commands
/PremiumBuff ~ Recieve Buff Pangs buffs anywhere at any time.
/PremiumUpgrade ~ Upgrade an item in the first item slot to be +10, if the item is pierce-able then that is also upgraded to max.

How to purchase
Red chip store "Premium Scroll (1 Day)" for 400k rc.
Item store "Premium Scroll (1 Day)" for 5 dPoints.
(These don't stack and they are based on in game time)

- Behemoth weapons/shields have been added to the normal weapon/shield store.
- NFL male and female sets added to Isruel.
- Improved client sided modification detection system.

General Fixes
- Buff Breaker is now able to be brought from the RC store again.
- Fixed the vote Forkim Sailor set bonus to now work as intended.
- There were 2 different fashion sets with exactly the same name (King Set and Queen Set). They now can be identified as King Set, King Set 1 and Queen Set and Queen Set 1
- Changed the red chip Cloud set box name to 'Cloud  Soldier Set ND' and the description on all the pieces to be 'This is not the donor cloud set.'. As this item was being used to scam due to the similarities in name.
- People that are frozen will be unable to equip any items. In other words you won't be able to get on your flying device to go back to farm. (Which was possible with people who were frozen)
- People that are frozen will be unable to trade, use their bank, use guild bank, or setup a private shop. For the duration of the the time they are frozen.

Please do note that I have been more focused on the ability for myself and fellow admins to track things easier and that is where the majority of my time has been focused.


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