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Halloween Event + October 24th Patch Notes



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Mazey Flyff Halloween 2013 Event
Staff will be summoning Zombies randomly around the place. It is up to the players of Mazey Flyff to stop these zombies reaching the main cities and infecting our towns. The event will run from the 24th of October and finish on the 4th of November.

Zombies are very tough to kill, remember head shots normally do the trick!

The drops from these monsters can be traded in to the Mayor of Flaris for some Halloween themed prizes.
5k  Zombie Hunter Tokens - Survivors Cloak (800 All stats, 500% hp, 500% Attack)
10k Zombie Hunter Tokens - Zombie Hunters Cloak (800 All stats, 500% hp, 200% PvE damage)
15k Zombie Hunter Tokens - Ghastly Ghoul Set (M/F) (This is the same set obtainable though vote rewards)
5 Zombie Corpses - Braaaains ~ Your very own zombie follower
** 1 Zombie Corpse is made up of a Zombie Head, Zombie Chest, Zombie Left Arm, Zombie Right Arm, Zombie Left Leg and Zombie Right Leg. These come from Zombie Boxes which can be collected from killing zombies.

New private shops!
Something that many many many people have been requesting is finally here!
- Sell items for your choice of Penya, Perin, Red Chips or Red Perin in the brand new private shops!

Pictures of the new Private Shop:

Premium Item Changes
- Fixed to be brought from the RC store. (It had the same thing as the buff breaker had wrong with it)
- 100% Attack added. (500 All Stats, 250% hp, 100% attack)
- Donation version changed to 3 days (72 hours game play) duration. Anyone that purchased them from the Item store will get a new one sent to the char that purchased it over the next day or so.

Bug fixes/changes
- Long Range Skills Small Fix, when someone attempts to use the method that a few people have been abusing they will find their character bugged, unable to use their mouse or wasd (keyboard) to move, they will also be unable to cast skills. Have fun in siege/arena being a sitting duck.
- Ivory and Ebony Gun's base damage decreased as it was far higher then it should of been. (10k down to 1k base damage)
- Scroll of Velocity removed from RC store, getting bugged in siege generally happens if you die while being mid jump. Using Scrolls of Velocity in siege greatly increases the chances of getting bugged. Any Scrolls of Velocity left in players inventories use at your own risk in sieges.


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