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Server is back!



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We are back online!!

Make sure you run the patcher.

Register with your old account names to receive any vPoints you had back onto your account.
As for donors send an email to with the following format. Please allow for up to 24 hours for me to process it, I am but one person.

PayPal email:
Transaction Id:

I will be looking at getting something to stop people from bringing down the server from ddos attacks.  I will be looking into it over the next few days.

Anyhow here are the changes.

For the first week only:
- 3x normal Red Chip drop rate.
- 1 minute cool down on dungeons. (10 minutes normally)
- Gms/Admins will be able to hold double the amount of events they can normally.

What's changed:
- Added Toms Antihack to the game. This will work with the current antihack.
- Improved the ability to detect and stop someone when they attempt to dupe items.
- Fixed a few things that people could try and use to crash others.
- Removed Item link for now, as Toms Antihack doesn't work well with item link. I will see what
- Fixed the websites security vulnerability.
- Increased the movement speed to 200%.
- Lowered the awakes for speed that are possible. (10, 20, 30)
- Removed speed from cards.
- Doubled the amount of kingpins in guilds to 10.

Have fun and I apologize for the wait.


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