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Santa has visited!



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Santa has visited Mazey Flyff and brought with him his reindeer, some gifts and Christmas joy.

Each and every player should find a little surprise in their inventories from Santa. He has also delivered 300 Custom Title scrolls and 400 packages of 5 Red Perin to people on his nice list. He didn't let me know who was on his nice list this year so if you did get one then I guess you were on his nice list.

He also asked me to check if players had seen any of Rudolph's red backup noses as he has misplaced a box of them and they may of fallen from his sleigh on his trip home. So check around and let Santa know if you happen to come across one.

On a side note, since many people have been asking, there will be 36 hours double dPoints to ring in the new year starting at 12pm on the 31st of December through till 11:59pm on the 1st of January. These times are based off server time.

From all the staff at Mazey Flyff we hope you enjoy the festive season, have fun and stay safe.

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