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Patchlist Febuary 3rd [Updated 7th]



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**Small Maintenance 7th
Fixed a bug that allowed people to model change weapons to other weapon types. People with weapons with different models to the weapon type model it was supposed to have had a very high chance to crash other players. If you do have a bugged item it will no longer apply the model change to it, it will just show the original model to everyone.

Added some client security features.

**End of small Maintenance 7th

- Some people didn't like the new client theme. For anyone that wishes to return to the old theme you will have to download this folder and place it into the client folder. Neuz will then first check if this folder exists and use the old theme, if the folder doesn't exist then it will use the new theme.
- If you get to AFK state in farming dungeons your pick-up pet will un-equip itself. (Been in the game for a little while)
- New npc shop currency made for Mazey Quest Chips. The current MQC exchanges have been made into the new shops for easier access to the items. For the Aurum set shop they are 120k MQC for the whole set or 35k MCQ for individual pieces.
- Monster Helmets added to Animus Drops that I didn't realize weren't already.

  • Kalgas Hat (M/F)
  • Behemoth Hat (M)
  • Vampain Hat (M/F)
  • Lycanbarga Hat (M/F)
  • Entaness Hat (M/F)
  • Raken Hat (M/F)
  • Harpyness Hat (M)

- The issue that keeps causing the world server to crash should now be fixed. *Edit: It still has a problem/s that I am searching for.*
- Aurum Crackshooter Helm (F) Fixed.
- Silver Battery fixed to be 10 days instead of 12 hours.
- Prevention skill fixed it would activate no mater how much hp you were on when you took the slightest amount of damage. If you reach under 10% hp your health will be replenished, Forcemasters get 50% of their total hp back and Seraphs get 100% of their hp back. A 5 second cool down has also been added to the skill.
- Monsters in the Ivillis Dungeon which are supposed to drop Ivillis Weapons have now had all the random items removed from their drops. This is so all the different Ivillis weapons now have a chance of dropping.

A picture preview of something coming soon


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