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Duped Items Removed from the game



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The changes.

- Changed Guild Siege to be every 3 hours.
- Removed the 3x Red Chip event, It was extended due to down time over the weekend.
- Increased the dungeon wait times up to 10 minutes.

In the recent update I have gone through and deleted the majority of duped items. Below is a list of what was removed. Do note that the numbers will be higher then they actually are, as it only added one for each character with the item, if they had the two of the same item it would only show up once.

- Red Perin about 300k
- Perin about 400k
One character had their backpack full of stacks of Perin/RP.

- Donor Attack Shield x12
- Ed Hardy Set x15
- Full Metal Alchemist Set x2
- Donor Jewelry Set x4
- Mp Jewelry Set x12-20
- Perfectly awakened Bp Sets x11
- Perfectly awakened Gm Tiger x18
- Perfectly awakened Gm Lion x18
- Perfectly awakened Black Knuckles x11
- Scroll of perfect awake str x4 places (posibily more then 1 per place)
- FWC Final Cloak x22
- Hipster Glasses Black x11
- Hipster Glasses Red x11
- Skeleton Wolf (Cs pet) x11
- Rygaurd (Cs pet) x11

Now that this has been sorted, I will be able to start looking at carrying on with work in other places.


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