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I welcome my self!!



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Hello fellow players!

Hi, my Name is Briane in game my name is mcBrianeJaffe.

I just started playing in this server yesterday and I can say I'm enjoying my stay here already. Smile
the community is awesome.

I hope to see you guys and gals in game Wink
I need friends haha Very Happy

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Welcome to MazeyFlyFF!
We spoke yesterday during Aaron's jump time into the space ;D.
If you have any questions/issues:
1. Press Y for FAQ in-game; if you can't find the answer there,
2a. Do %gmlist in the chat to find out if any GM's are on; or
2b. /say Daily, and hope I would be able to help you with your issue Smile

See you again in-game! Hope you enjoy your stay here and be a part of our growing family :3


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