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Im Back ❣ [ Late Introduction ]



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Hi I'am Aioe

some of you guys knows me and some don't Very Happy
this is the point of my introduction
i've played Mazey since Sept. 2013 but stopped for like Nov. 2013 something
and just got back last week, was gonna make an " I'm Back " Introduction before
i went online again but i forgot to make one XD

so yea Hi I'am Aioe
pronounce it with me Ah Yoh EE ( Say It Fast )
well you can see me mostly walking around the game
my IGN's are on my Sig ❣️

you can pm me im online on my FM since thats my current char
im focusing on Very Happy

cya in game <3

Lots Of Love~

XoXo - Aioe
Pronounce it with me [ Ah Yoh Ee ] ( Say It Fast )

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