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Update Number 4



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Here is the patch list for the update on 16th August 2013.

General updates:
- New Non Pk channel added.
- Is, Peach, Bobochan, Jeff, Wafor and Gergantes Npc's have been added to Saint Morning Station and Darkon. This brings the total amount of useful npc locations to 4.
- The bonus damage from Link Attack will no longer apply in the arena or siege arena. (It will still use party points, just no bonus will apply to damage)
- Fixed the Skeleton Staff and Wand to be the right level requirement.
- Decreased the Shadow 2h Sword and Black 2h Sword/Axe Hp% bonus to 400%, what it should of been on. (It was more than donor stuff)
- Remantis/Blue Mantis now heal full hp/mp. A 1.5 second cool down has been added to Remantis.
- Reflect damage is now 50% of what it was. It now should roughly reflect the damage dealt.
- Knight Mastery is now working.
- Spawn time in siege decreased to 10 seconds.
- Arena Mvp logo fixed to be in the right position if the user has Siege Crown or Mvp.
- Red Chip rate slightly increased.

- Dark Illusion cool down increased by 3 seconds to 23 seconds. Jesters were just hiding in siege for most of the time.
- A 6 second cool down has been added to Pain reflect and Crucio, this means there is a small amount of time that they can be debuffed and combo-ed.
- Geburah Tiphreth (Rm Buff) now adds Adoch and Hp% instead of Attack% and Hp%.
- Knight melee damage greatly reduced, as they were able to get very high damage output while maintaining very high Hp.
- Arcanists/Elementors Windfield, Eva Storm and Void's skills damage all increased.
- Ranger damage increased.
- Blade damage slightly increased.
** - Hop damage reduced to 80% of old damage. They were very over powered.


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