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Staff Impersonation in other social medias



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Hello Everyone!

I would like to give a friendly reminder that I am no longer entertaining private messages on facebook since November 1, 2013 due to the number of account impersonation regarding my facebook account. The message was officially posted publicly on my profile, see below

The purpose of my account was to administer the group as well as the Official page of the server and no other reason than that. The URL of my only Facebook account I'm using was listed below

I received few reports lately showing screenshots that someone claims to be me or impersonate me asking for load in exchange of account information and stating a ban threat. It is obviously a modus of scamming, so be alerted. Please do remember that I am not accepting any bribe or any kind of payment in exchange of banning players accounts without any valid reason, lifting banned accounts, leaking accounts information or any other player's personal purposes. Again, I am not entertaining private messages outside Mazey Flyff premises other than in-game and the following links:

Staff Facebook Accounts was also stated here:

If in case, you encounter a person that impersonates a staff member in facebook, immediately drop-off the conversation and report/block the account.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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