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1 Year Anniversary



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Wow its been a year already!

1 year ago, on the 8th of July after a month of Beta testing the server went live. Since then, thousands of players have come and enjoyed their time and left their mark on the Mazey Flyff community. Sadly some have moved on, however many have stayed or returned to once again have fun at Mazey Flyff. As a server we have had some tough times mostly the early days, but we made it through stronger and wiser. There have been many great times also and many memories have been forged as time progressed. I would firstly like to thank the community for being so great, without the community the server wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today. Secondly I would like to thank the staff team past, present and future, without your help and input, the server wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as it is. I would also like to give a special thanks to all those who have supported the server over the past year, whether through donating or voting for our server, it has helped grow the server and cover the running costs.

The new website website design should be live by now, this was designed by Indigo. It has been a work in progress for awhile now so hopefully everyone likes the new look and feel.

In appreciation and celebration of Mazey Flyff's 1 year anniversary there will be some events running for all players to enjoy.
- Finished 1 day of 2x Donation Points (Start: 8th 00:00 -> End: 8th 23:59)
- 2 days of 3x Vote Points (Start: 8th 00:00 -> End: 9th 23:59)
- 2 days of 2x Quest Drops (Start: 8th 00:00 -> End: 9th 23:59)
- 2 days of 2x MQC (Start: 8th 00:00 -> End: 9th 23:59)
Note: All times are based on server time.

The Item shop will also have a 2 day sale!  (Start: 8th 00:00 -> End: 9th 23:59)
- Male and Female Fashion 30% off
- Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Scrolls, Masks, Cloaks 20% off
- Misc 20% off dPoints and 40% off vPoints.

As always have fun

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