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Slayer vs. Seraph



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Hi .is there anyone that could post serph/slayer non-donor RESULT what legion made in his FM hunt huide

##1 - Posted on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:45 pm
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Here are some guides:


Found at this guide:
For the record, using RC set(with STR Awakes), I hit kalgas with 11m-13m. Ankou with 15m-17m that's why I don't recommend it. After switching to Vote Set(with ICD Awakes), I hit kalgas with 17m-22m. Ankou with 18m-28m. If I could find that shadow boss I'd like to hit it with all I got. And at the moment, I got 119m hp but ankou/kalgas can still one-hit me especially in rage mode.

So, that's it. A really century-long guide I made but I hope it can help players as much as it helped me. Good luck and enjoy playing MazeyFlyff! For further questions or rants PM me at Shai/Nine. Thanks for reading!


This is not my guide. But I have almost the same gears listed here on my past slayer. And if you are wondering about the damage, if I remembered correctly, I think I hit kalgas around 22m-28m. And Ankou around 35m+. I think the values are around that numbers.

##2 - Posted on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:03 pm
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