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Siege Game Modes + Patchlist 11th September



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New Fashion
New CS fashion has been added to be collected and worn. Find them in the Red Chip Store (100k RC), Mazey Quest Chip Store (25k MQC) and Donation Store.

New Fashion Names:
- Donation Store
"Passion Dress Set (F)" 4/4
"Lovely Pink Dress Set (F)" 4/4
"Niel Set (F)" 4/4
"Wizard Set (F)" 4/4

- Mazey Quest Chip Store
"Crochet Set (F)" 4/4
"Flower Dress Set (F)" 4/4
"Jackson Set (F)" 4/4
"Mickey Set (F)" 4/4
"Retro Leopard Set (F)" 4/4

- Red Chip Store
"Purple Magic Set (F)"  4/4
"Indian Set (F)" 4/4
"Medal Set (F)" 3/3
"Sunday Dress Set (F)" 3/3

- Donation Store
"Hipster Blue Set (M)" 4/4
"Naruto Set (M)" 4/4
"Red Rocker Set (M)" 3/3
"Winter Punk Set (M)" 4/4
"Wizard Set (M)" 3/3

- Mazey Quest Chip Store
"Hippie Punk Set (M)" 4/4
"Jackson Set (M)" 4/4
"Mickey Set (M)" 4/4
"Sunday Dress Set (M)" 2/2

- Red Chip Store
"Oran Wai Coat Set (M)" 4/4
"Purple Magic Set (M)" 3/3
"Navywind Set (M)" 4/4
"Pathfinder Set (M)" 4/4

New GM Prize Option
If you're lucky enough to win a GM's event, you can now choose a new prize option, 'Random Pickup Pet'. There are 22 new Pick-up pets to be collected that can only be obtained via winning GM events! All these pickup pets share the same traits as Red Chip pets (Slightly faster and the ability to re-buff yourself)

New Pets:
Pet Cflyff1
Pet Cflyff2
Pet Cflyff3
Pet Cflyff4
Chocobo Four Star
Cute Giraffe
Cute Blue Cat
Cute Elephant
Cute Red Fish
Cute Yellow Cat
Cute Yellow Fish
Heart Queen
Love Robot
Orange Robot
Red Lizard
Red Unicorn
Sixstar Fox
Turtle Four Star
Yellow Fox
Yellow Unicorn

- Added 1920x1080 Resolution Support
If you wish to play the game in a 1920x1080 client then simply open up "neuz.ini" in your client folder and change the line for resolution to be the following
resolution 1920 1080


To the following

- FP Mantis Added to RC Store. This item will fully restore your FP. (100 RC)

- Silver Battery added to Red Chip Store, see below for reasoning. (100,000 RC)

- 1 Hour Premium Scrolls added to RC Store for 20,000 Red Chips.

- Added the ability to dynamically begin 2x Colosseum Chip events.

- Guild Siege can be be applied to and lined up from anywhere from simply using the guild window. You will however still be required to talk to [Guild Siege Manager]Frankie to enter the Guild Siege arena.

Guild Siege Game Modes!
This is an idea that may or may not be implemented into the standard Sieges every 2 hours. It is getting rolled out as a trial to see the feedback from the community as well as check for any issues that might occur with it.

Q. What is Guild Siege Game Modes?
A. Guild Siege game modes are an idea that will spice up the standard Sieging pattern. They are small restrictions that are placed on an individual siege, it will add a bit of variety and challenge.

Q. What are the current Game Modes?
A. Currently the following Game Modes will be getting trialed

- No Swapping Mode
You will be only able to use the items that you have equip when you enter the Guild Siege Arena. No switching from HP to Damage, its one or the other!

- Extra Lives Mode
You will get 50 lives instead of the standard 10, who lost all their lives now?

- Max Level 60 Mode (Non Master)
You can only use a character that has a max level of 60, should make for some interesting new tactics and class set-ups.

- No Skills Mode
You cannot cast any skills while this mode is active, better clean and sharpen those rusty weapons for combat!

- No Food Mode
You won't be able to use any items that heal or restore your MP/FP. Team up on that opponent!

- Random Mode
This is an option that could potentially start any of the already mentioned Game Modes, or it may just start a standard Siege, It is random and no one knows!

Q. How are these Game Modes Started?
A. They will be started by GM's and run as trials for now, if they are successful, then they may be scheduled into the fixed Sieges.

Q. I have an idea for other Game Modes?
A. Put them in the Suggestions on the forums, I will take a look and if I believe they are viable game modes then they may be added in the future.


- When Private Chatting with someone and they go offline, sending them a message will no longer remove the text from the text input. You won't have to re-type the whole message when they log back in. (Happens far too often for staff)

- Knock-back chance for Wands has been adjusted. The chance of knocking your opponent back from a Full Charge has been reduced from 50% to 25%, any other charge level has been reduced from 30% to 10%.

- Decreased the cost of the command /RemoveCompleteQuest to half the original price, from 40 RP to 20RP. This command will remove all your completed quests allowing you to start them all all over again.

- Decreased the cost of Blessing of PVE Awake from 60k MQC to 8k MQC.

- Increased the time that Coloured names are active from 24 hours to 24 days.

Scroll of Pink Name
Scroll of Light Blue Name
Scroll of Black Name
Scroll of Purple Name
Scroll of Green Name
Scroll of Red Name
Scroll of Orange Name
Scroll of Teal Name
Scroll of Cyan Name
Scroll of Blue Name
Scroll of Maroon Name
Scroll of Yellow Name
Scroll of Light Green Name

- Decreased the cost of Colosseum Boxes and keys.
Chest 150 Colosseum Chips
Bronze Key 40 Colosseum Chips
Silver Key 80 Colosseum Chips
Gold Key 120 Colosseum Chips

- Removed the message that appears when farming Red Chips while Stone of Auto Loot RC is active. Red Chips will still go to straight your inventory, however it should no longer cause the small lag when it would show the message on screen.

- Collecting Field item tables adjusted to have more items that make collecting worth while.

Remantis Laccotte
Bluemantis Laccotte
FP Mantis
Upcut Stone
Scroll of Velocity
Scroll of Sprint
Scroll of Holy
Refresher Hold
Vital Drink X
Grilled Eel
Christmas Cake
Love Chocolate
Buff Breaker
Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon

Stone of Auto Loot RC
Scroll of Unbinding
Scroll of Remove Model Change
Scroll of Remove Model Change Pro
Srcoll of Transfer Awake
Premium Scroll (1 hour)

Gold Battery
Scroll of Strength
Scroll of Stamina
Scroll of Dexterity
Scroll of Intelligence
Blessing of Perfect Str Awake
Blessing of Perfect Sta Awake
Blessing of Perfect Dex Awake
Blessing of Perfect Int Awake
Blessing of Perfect Critical Hit Damage Awake

**Disclaimer: You won't be able to use Scroll of Transfer Awake to move an awake to an item that has had a scroll of Strength etc placed on it.


- Fixed the ability to change Old, Gold, Silver and Bronze Weapon models into ultimate weapons, they would change to Ultimate Bloody weapons.
- Fixed a text error in the Guild Siege Line-Up window for how many players can be lined up.
- Fixed an issue that allowed some AOE spells to PK other players in Red Meteo's Red Room.
- Removed the ability to join PvP Game Types while in a party due to it sometimes leading to a server crash.
- Fixed a method that allowed stats to be stacked temporally.
- Fixed a few issues that were causing the client to crash.

- Behind the scenes security added, no need to go into further detail on this point.

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