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what are the classes in this game??

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Honestly before i want to play the actual game, i want to know more of the classes that can be pick :3 can you please tell me what are those in a simple way of explaining things? :3 cause i am not a player and dont know the language of a player XD thank you Smile

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We had like 8 Characters here. Let me tell each class plus a short word summary. Have you played flyff? I will just assume that you don't know the classes. Though forgive me if I will offend you, I just don't know what to assume at this point. So, let's begin:

Mercenary>Blade>Slayer = A class that uses 2 swords. Probably the best boss hunter here in Mazey Flyff.

Mercenary>Knight>Templar = A class that uses a sword and a shield. The best tanker here at Mazey Flyff since it gives more HP per STA. I guess. Though I'm pretty sure that this is the best tanker.

Acrobat>Ranger>Crackshooter = A class that uses a bow and a shield. Can be used for both PvP and PvE though the damage output is a lower compared to slayer, PvE-wise.
NOTE: PvP = Player Vs. Player
PvE = Player Vs. Environment(mobs, monsters, bosses)

Acrobat>Jester>Harlequin = A class that uses a yoyo and a shield. Well it is arguable but let just say that this is one of the best class for PvP purposes. Though is can be used to PvE as well, but you have to change some gears and awakening.

Magician>Elementor>Arcanist = A class that uses staff and shield. Probably the best farmer here due to its AoE skills. Red Chip is one of the main currencies used here at Mazey FLyff so if you want to farm RCs, then arcanist is the class for you.
NOTE: AoE = Area of Effect

Magician>Psykeeper>Mentalist = A class that uses wand and shield. Not all magicians can farm RCs efficiently and this is one of the class. Though this can be used via PvP too. I don't know more about this class. Lol. Sorry about that.

Assist>Ringmaster>Seraph = A class that uses stick and shield. The buffer here in game. Can be used to boss hunt too. You just have to change some of the awakening on the items.

Assist>Billposter>Forcemaster = A class that uses knuckle/fist and shield. One of the best in PvP as Harlequins. This is the common class that players used in PvP, especially in siege.

Well, that's all. I really hope that I explained or clarified some things to you. If you do have more questions that you want to ask, don't hesitate to post some questions here at forums or message me and the other staffs here. Namely, Grey, Daily, Florentina, WhiteNoise, and Pinkii. If you happen to be in-game, type %gmlist to see the list of online members!

Welcome to Mazey Flyff, I guess! If you do want some guilds or perhaps friends here in game, BEERCULES guild are happy to have you. Smile

By the way, my IGN is Shai. Message me in game!

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