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[Updated] FFA Siege and Patchnotes November 20th



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** Update as at 21st November
- Fixed the item boxes that didn't open.
- Fixed a crash caused by equipping a shield with a bow on and casting counter. You will have to equip a shield then bow now, equipping a shield will remove your bow.

- Fixed the FFA Siege to Automatically Open.
- Fixed the FFA Leader-boards to update after completion, they will update 20 seconds after the FFA has finished.
- Removed the EXP Boxes/Loss when you die in the FFA Arena.

** Original Follows..

FFA Siege!
You think you have what it takes to be the ultimate champion? Try your hand at a Free for All siege and prove yourself!

[Q] What is it?
[A] The FFA Siege (Free For All Siege) is basically an arena battle that will last 20 minutes.  From the time it opens you have 3 minutes to get into the arena and prepare for battle. If you miss the start, don't worry you can still enter and take part, however you just won't have as much time to get to #1! For now there are no set lives so you will have 20 minutes of pure fighting with the only thing slowing you down from reaching that #1 spot is the 10 second re-spawn timer.

[Q] Who can take part?
[A] Anyone can take part, you just need to be higher level than 121.

[Q] How often does the FFA Siege Open?
[A] FFA Sieges will take place every 2 hours alternating with the Guild Siege.
FFA Siege Times:
All times are based on server time

1:00 am
3:00 am
5:00 am
7:00 am
9:00 am
11:00 am
1:00 pm
3:00 pm
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
11:00 pm

[Q] Where do you sign up?
[A] You can sign up in Flaris by talking to Amos, he stands next to the Guild Siege NPC's.

[Q] What do you get for taking part?
[A] For every kill you get you will get a few Red Chips, kill the player in 1st position and you will get a few extra! If the person you kill has a K/D (Kill/Death) of less than 0.25 there will be no Red Chips rewarded.

[Q] Will the FFA Siege be extended in the future?
[A] If it is successful and players enjoy it, then various game modes may be added.

Timer Window
Ever wondered how long it is until you can re-enter a dungeon? Or when the next Siege will take place? Well now you can see by going "Start -> Helper -> Timer". Any dungeons that are on cool down will appear in this window.

Colosseum Entrance and Shop Moved
The new place you can find the Colosseum is near the Guild Siege Manager at Anny
- Colosseum Fashion set added for 500 Colosseum Chips a Piece
- Colosseum Champion's Cloak added for 1000 Colosseum Chips

21 new emotes added

Updated Staff Disguises

Spot the GM in this picture! The clue is, the selected Monster is actually the GM! There might be some much harder Hide and Seek Challenges coming soon!

Improved how the client renders objects

Image on the left is using the new rendering mode, the game will automatically render objects this way if Object Detail is set to Max. Image on the right hand side is the current/old look which is what it will look like when Object Detail is Medium/Low.

No Glow
Added a "No Glow" option to the Glow Changer, simply choose this option for any area you don't wish for a glow to be used.

- Op, op, op, op, Oppa Gangnam Style! Dance like no one is watching! ( New motion added )
- Added a confirmation box when applying perfect awakes or Perfect Blessings.
- Added the ability to Awake lock items via using Scrolls of Reduction to Fashion, Cloaks, Masks and Stat Pets. Using a Scroll of Perfect Awake will automatically Awake Lock the item you use the scroll on. Simply visit Peach and use the "Remove Level/Awake Lock" option.
- Witch CS (F), Dark Nurse (F) and Pink Nurse (F) added to Penya CS Fashion Sets. (Isruel)
- Sunglasses added to Lui
- Double Dragon Cloak added to Lui
- /forcekillself command added. This new command can only be used in the Guild Siege arena and is to be used as a way to un-bug yourself, you will lose 1 life in the process so should only be used if you find you are totally bugged. If it is abused, it will be removed.


- Halloween Store Removed.
- Changed the players event to only be 200% events as some players complain when a 100% event is started. The price will remain the same.
- FWC Final 3 Cloak changed from Hit rate% to 1000% Critical Hit Chance due to Hit rate% having no effect on actual hit rate. Reminder** Critical Hit Chance improves hit rate up to a cap of 4800%
- Modified the message in the Arena when on a kill streak to include the name of character of whom you killed.
- Donor bows changed to have a job requirement of Acrobat.
- Red Perin will no longer drop if you are killed with PK status.

Changed the following skills
- Counter now works with Bows
- Merkaba Hanzelrusha 2x more damage
- Prevention changed to Activate at 20% remaining HP. Still will heal full HP on Seraphs and half HP on Forcemasters.
- Added a damage cap to EVA Storm only under certain circumstances
With Heavens Step = No damage cap/change
Without Heavens Step = Max damage of 200m
- Soul of Rhisis has been modified to actually do something. It will now form a protective shield will last for 10 seconds, if you are to take more then 80% of your max health in that time you have a 50% chance to reduce that damage by half. If successful it will remove the buff. (15 second cooldown)

- Modified the 450m or more HP nerf put in testing last update. It will now only apply a damage nerf of 50% to Asal and Hit of Penya if your HP is above 450m, all other classes/skills have been changed back to how they were. (Templar has no change)

Increased skill range on the following skills
- Protect
- Holyguard
- Holycross
- Spirit Fortune
- Gvur Tialla
- Geburah Tiphreth

Changed the following skills to single target and not require a party
- Geburah Tiphreth
- Heavens Step
- Divine Prosperity
- Raiment of Rhisis

Item Duration Changes
- All Pet Beads changed to be 7 days in duration. Increased all the prices to be 500m Penya or 5 Perin.
- Activation  changed to 30 minutes duration
- Grilled Eel changed to 30 minutes duration
- Ginger Bread changed to 30 minutes duration
- Christmas Cake changed to 30 minutes duration
- Buff Breaker (single) changed back to a 1 second cool down.

GM Pet sizes adjusted
- Cute Blue Cat = 100% bigger
- Cute Red Fish = 100% bigger
- Cute Yellow Cat = 100% bigger
- Cute Yellow Fish = 100% bigger
- Heart Queen = 100% bigger
- Cflyff1 = 50% bigger
- Cflyff4 = 50% bigger
- Sixstar Fox = 100% bigger
- Yellow Fox = 150% bigger
- Pet Cflyff2 = 70% smaller
- Orange Robot = 20% smaller
- Love Robot = 20% smaller

- Death Slayer of the Exceeds fixed to work with model change
- Pumpkin Mask (No Stats) fixed to be a mask and work with model change.
- Fixed the item icon becoming dragged when you double click a Stat Scroll and move the mouse to click the confirm buttons.
- Fixed the Messenger's Job Icons to display right for 3rd Job characters.
- Fixed the Health bar rendering HP higher then the actual gauge allows (goes off screen) when clicking on someone.
- Fixed all the shields that drop from Red Meteo to have a defense value and can see the model that is placed on them.
- Fixed the server time to be correct, not 2 minutes slow. Sieges should now start on the hour.


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