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MQCs and the value



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The Average price is 9RP per 1k MQCs.... that right is the standard economy of the typical game style of all 8 class character playing their  certain role in this game. So for 500MCs that would be 4RP and 5k Red Chips. Even with that calculation, @ 9RP, you can end up with 9RP and 4.5k MQCS with just 9 characters.

Hold on... it takes 70 characters to make 35k for a single piece of aurum set, so basically in game piece is worth 70Rp... So @ 70RP, a full set would be worth 280RP. hold on.. the average price of a clean aurum set is about 500RP...which each piece is about 125RP.

But there is more... a scroll @ 200RP, there is basically 6 items: 4p aurum set, a donation weapon, and a donation shield... that would be 6x200RP = 1.2k RP or 7 x 200RP for 1.4k RP (if you include the battle pet)

BtW: Welcome to my world of economy

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The Average price ranges at about 6 to 7 RP per 1k MQC right now, but if you want to buy some for 9RP/1k be my guest.

Yes, it would take 70 characters or lets say 70 times the first Strange Collector Quest (Flaris QIs) to get to 35k MQC (One Aurum Piece).

I don't quite see how you get to 70 RP per piece as you already stated that 1k is 9 RP so according to you it would be 9RP*35 = 315 RP per piece which means 315*4= 1260 for a clean Aurum Set (if you buy it with MQC and your price ofc).

You are correct that SOPAs are around 200 RP each piece, but why do you bring up a weapon and shield (and pet apparently o_O)?

You were just talking about the Aurum SET that you wanted to buy with MQC... So basically it would be 4 x SOPA for your set which equals 800 RP for SOPAs on top of your whopping 1260 RP for the clean Aurum.

So I am willing to sell you a FD Set for 2k RP at any time so just hit me up o_O

BTW: Exactly, its YOUR "world of economy" which is totally unrealistic. And also I don't quite get the point of this thread... yet again.

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@LEgionDark wrote:The Average price is 9RP per 1k MQCs


BtW: Welcome to my world of economy

At this rate might actually ask you to be my buyer o-o
Also, I don't want to join your 16k RP FD char economy. I would need to be a millionaire for that.

So please, stop posting those things, as they are nowhere near to be precise.

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