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Third Times A Charm...

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Is it just me or are forum mods quite stuck up more these days? the forum used to be fun but now its like a fucking prison. xD Way too serious you people are these days and yes this does belong in general discussion because its an actual topic meant to be discussed. So with that said, BOOM! lelelel watch this be archived because Q.Q'ers.

Repost: Last one was archived, so I guess that means my voice isn't allowed in the community? This is in the proper section without breaking rules soooooooo I reserve the right to repost.

Repost 2: You know if there was an actual reason to take down my post I would be more then fine with it. I mean look at post two which was taken down yet again without reason. It was getting healthy criticism and discussion by two members, sure there was a flamer but that is none of our faults for trying to have a discussion in General Discussion. So please stop moving my shit.

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