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New Dedicated Server + Patches



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We have upgraded to a new more powerful dedicated server, there might be a little bit of disruption as it first settles in, but in the long run it should lag a lot less. This patch list has been a long time in the making as I had some difficulties getting the new dedicated server running right. Anyhow below you will find the full patch list.

- New item - Buff Breaker, this item allows for players to debuff who ever you have targeted, it has a 35% chance of working and has a 10 second cool down. They can be purchased from the rc store for 1500 rc.
- New command "/skilllevelAll", This allows for players to purchase all their skills to be max level for 100 Perin.
- New starting weapon added for new characters.

- The RC speed cards have been fixed to increase speed by what they say they should.
- The hop crash should now be fixed, to equip a yoyo with a shield. you will need to equip the shield first and then the yoyo.
- Awakening has been removed from posters/arrows as this allowed for a stat stacking glitch.
- Perins can now be used while in combat.
- A 10 second cast time has been added to Teleport to nearest town motion as people were abusing it in the arena with hit and teleport tactics.

General Updates
- Grey who has been doing an amazing job as community manager, is now distinguishable in game by his grey name and [CM] next to his name.
- Pet medicine has been removed from being buy able as people were using it to lag people out. Pet Food Bag does the same thing for S class pets.
- 3rd job buff time duration increased to 15 minutes.
- Guild Siege teams are now limited to 5 players per guild.
- Staff can now use skills while in siege without having to be lined up, this means they can resurrect people if they aren't busy.

Skill Changes
- Cool downs added to the following 3rd job skills
First Blood - 5 seconds.
Priests Grasp - 2 seconds.
Sleeping - 10 seconds. (Decreased from 60)
Eva Storm - 1.5 seconds.(Increased the chance to stun in pvp)

- Probability of following skills to work in pvp changed
Sneaker - 80% (Decreased from 100%)
Satanolgy - 80% (Decreased from 100%)
First Blood - 80% (Decreased from 100%)
Priests Grasp - 80% (Decreased from 100%)
Sleeping - 80% (Decreased from 100%)


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