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[Update 2]Website troubles



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Updated 3:30pm 20th
The website should be back to running at normal speed. The cause of this issue it seems was due to a bot that was left running on the website for an un-known amount of time before I picked up on it. Loading a page 5-10+ times a second, normally this wouldn't change or affect anything however for some reason it was generating new sessions every time (Read more about what a session is here). This resulted in new empty files being created to store each session. In the end there were about 2 million files created, so when the website went to go search for a legitimate session it had to also search through millions of other junk data, resulting in long delays and eventually the in-ability to find specific sessions before timing out.

Initially it took time to find the root cause, due to me thinking the issue was something else login has been re-worked so you may notice a small difference there, and a few behind the scenes features have been reworked. Once I identified the issue I had to go through and delete 2 million files in a way that wouldn't have too much of an impact on the game itself, which took some time. I do apologize as I do know there were times where it did impact in game for short durations.

Q. Will this happen again?
A. No, I've re-worked how it creates, manages and stores sessions as well as blocking the way that it was done. I will also clear out any excess leftover sessions every so often, so you may need to re-log into the website if you happen to be logged in at the time this is done.

As compensation for the down time and difficulties with connections, there will be 2x MQC running on Channel 2 for 72 hours. Running from 3:30pm on the 20th until 3:30pm on the 23rd (based on server times)

Updated 10:30pm 19th
I believe I have identified the reason the website has been so slow the past few days and I'm running some scripts to clear excess data related to that reason. I apologize in advance as I cannot be sure at this time how CPU intensive these scripts will be, so I can't be too sure how much lag would come in game from them running (hopefully none). Until these scripts have finished running the website will remain in maintenance mode, however you can still login and play the game itself while it is being fixed. Once the website is back up and running at 100%, then there will be some compensation events in place. For now though I'm going to take a small break after nearly 12 hours of straight trying to solve the issue.

There will be a full server maintenance at roughly 11am on the 19th of January (Roughly 9 hours from this posting) to fix the websites login and long loading times. I've been attempting to fix it for a few hours (I've been at work also, hence why I couldn't get it done a little sooner), however to proceed further I will need to bring the game offline while I work on it also. At this time I cannot be too sure how long it will take to complete, however I would estimate anywhere from 1 to 4 hours at best guess, during this time the game will also be down. Until then the login functionality of the website will be disabled as this is the main issue.


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