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Monster Clash DC's >.<



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We're experiencing a major technicality in Monster Clash. We always Crash when we ENTER and when we get to REACH the Final Boss (Ankou). Whenever we face Ankou, the Client will freeze and says "Not Responding" and automatically crash. Together with this post are Photos attached proving that we get disconnected during the Clash. Looking at the "Member List" window, there are Black Names telling that they are not Online meaning.. They're disconnected form the server.

Monster Clash DC's >.< 54gha8
Monster Clash DC's >.< 292uyxi
Monster Clash DC's >.< 34iqt15

This doesn't happen once, but in every 6 Monster Clash in a Day there is a 3 Monster Clash that resulting to Disconnections.

In addition to this.

I think this is a sort of Bug or what. But, after successfully killing and winning the Clash there is no Monster Clash Winning Box sent in our Inventory which is supposed be there after winning the Clash. Looking in my System Chat. It says that "You received 1 Monster Clash Winner Box from Winning". Im not the only one who didn't receive the Winner's Box. I too am aware that it could be sent from the Mail Box (when your Inventory is Full) and when I get to check for it, there's none. Below is a photo for your ocular inspection. Thank You~!

Monster Clash DC's >.< 2s7g7t4

Hoping for your urgent action to this. ^_^

Fun fun fun,
Love love love Wink

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This is an old post. But I'd like to suggest something.
Maybe not fixing the problem but lessens it (FOR SURE)

Making the monsters not-so-big-as-that. Yep decreasing there size. ^.^

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Please make use of the suggestion section if you would like to suggest something.

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If 0/1 equals to 0, then what is 1/0?
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