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The Hollow Head.



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Holla \^_^/

Let me start this by asking you guys a question. Who among here are fond of designing and/or making their characters look best in their own ways. Aren't you guys feel like quite disturbed of having a hollow head when you set your Fashion Helm off? Am I the only one noticing this kind of thing? Well, for those people who takes time on composing their characters to look good and cool this might be one of your concerns. We all are aware of Mazey Flyff is offering unique features which made itself different from other servers. We, also know that the character look has a hefty impact to players and their motivation to the game.

Therefore, I'm suggesting that it will be fixed. I am very mindful of wearing fashion would solve this problem. However, there are people also who gets tedious of their looks and its undeniable that I'm one of them. This isn't just for my welfare yet, for others as well. There are players also who are buying/hunting for Clockwork drop set used as a model to be viewed as particular.

I hope that staffs will consider this in their suggestion lists.

Muchas Gracias

love love love
fun fun fun Wink

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Re-equipping your Armor Helm will also show your head/hair again should this occur.

##2 - Posted on Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:47 pm

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