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[Updated] Maintenance Monday 20th



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I've optimized things in some of the databases and cleaned up unneeded files. I've also prepared a few database related things as well as files relating to a coming update. I have called this maintenance short (yes I know it was a rather timely one) due to 1 of my objectives being a far larger challenge then I expect and taking far longer then I first thought. I will continue to try figure out a way around the efficiently fix the problem which is removing roughly 350,000 bogus accounts. I'll also be adding another check to ensure you're not a bot when registering in the next 24 hours to avoid it from happening again.

This was not an update, so you won't notice any changes in terms of content, although there is one that will be implemented sometime soon once it is finished.

-- Original follows

There will be a maintenance starting at roughly 11am server time tomorrow (Monday 20th). There isn't a set time on how long it will be down for, but I would estimate it to take between 2-4 hours. This will not be a full update, it will be preparing a coming update as well as general maintenance on the dedicated server. The next update is expected to be ready within the next week or two. Get your swords sharpened!


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