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Update Patch Notes - 30th April 2015



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The new dungeon system has also been reverted back to the old system due to it having major memory leaks that only became apparent after many people tested it (Wasn't picked up by just me testing it)


PvP Games removed due to server crash and the skill levels have been changed back to how they were for now.

What's New

Increased Monster HP
Changed it so monsters can now have a max HP of 4,611,686,014,132,420,609 (4.6 Quintillion) rather than a max of  2,147,483,647 (2.147b). However I wouldn't be that mean and give any monsters that much health, as it would take a single player about 876 years of constant damage. However all the bosses in game have had a slight boost in their HP, so they can't be simply killed in 10 or so seconds by a single player (which is currently possible). Due to hp being increased, the damage reduction found in the Monster Clash and on Clockworks have been removed.

Normal Bosses:

Colosseum Monsters:

Normal Mode:

Legendary Mode:
~Higher chance at dropping temp potions and roughly 5x more colo chips at this stage

Monster Clash:
~ Removed Vile Nightmyst from spawning due to harder bosses (40 less monsters to load)

First Round Bosses:

Mid Bosses:

Final Boss:

Improved Dungeons
In case you get disconnected, forget something back in a town there is now a 5 minute window in which a dungeon will remain open for. Any monsters you have killed will remain dead so you don't have to keep clearing areas every time. In addition, it will announce how many totem/pre-set bosses remain before reaching the next stage when entering or after a totem has been killed.

Item Wiki
You can access the Item Wiki by either typing "/wiki" or going "Start->Helper->Item-List"

Search for any item in game and if it is equip-able to your character (Weapon, armor, fashion etc) then you can double click it and you can see what it would look like when you equip it.

Holding down shift and double clicking an item in your inventory, an npc shop or a player shop will bring up the same window of your character from the wiki with that item equip to see what it would look like.

Siege Viewer
This will allow you to view the results of a given siege, it will also track stats.
Siege leader-boards have been wiped so this new system can be implemented. This will not be available straight away on the website as I need to test all the data is in the right format and gets output correctly.

Added new items to the Colosseum Treasure Chest
~24 new Dota 2 weapon models  (All keys)
~11 new cloaks (Golden Keys only)
○•250 weapon/shield/Book models added, however they aren't obtainable just yet•○


PvP Games overhauled.
~ Hold the Line and Capture the Flag have been disabled due to instability.

The ability to create a PvP match has been altered, you no longer will require 16 players to start a match. You can now select how many players are required to start, limit what level range can partake and how long the match will last.

Players: 2, 4, 8 or 16
Duration: 4, 12 or 16 minutes.
Level: 1-175

Joining a PvP Match couldn't be easier.

Anti-spam feature re-implemented
- 5 second cool down on using a Buff Pang, Buff-able Pickup Pet or /PremiumBuff command.
- 10 second cool down on teleporting. This will be reset when you get a kill in the arena so you can't hit and teleport out.
- 30 second cool down on the /save command.

Mute Changes
- Remaining mute time will show up when you try to chat while muted from a Staff member.
- Doubled all auto chat spam mute warning times, also decreased the auto mute time when talking too much from 3minutes to 1 minute.

Icon Changes
- Scroll of Remodel Pro icon modified.
- 1 hour, 1 day, 3 day Premium icons modified to show the time on the icon.

Improved Model Viewer
- Larger window
- Shield can now see stats + is placed in the right place
- Improved the item search, simply type any part of the item and tick the check box to see all items for that contain your search term.

General Changes
- Arrows/Posters are no longer needed.

Skill Changes
- Silent Arrow can no longer be removed from using a holy scroll. The chance of it being successful has also been reduced to 70% (from 100%)
The following skills and items have been changed due to feedback from the level 60 siege event to bring in more of a fair advantage.
- Crucio changed to level 61
- Pain Reflect changed to level 60 (Guard and Rage also reduced to 60)
- Skeleton/Black Shield changed to level 65

- Soul of Rhisis changed to be a 90% chance to reduce the damage to 10%.

Item Changes
- Cloak of the Sea God, St. Patrick's Day Cloak and Champion's Cloak added to General Store.
- Removed the second Rays and Clouds Cloak from the General Store.


- Added a fix for when you take an item out of the mail and an un-expected dc could cause the item to disappear.
- You will now get full HP/MP/FP when you die in siege.
- Removed the element type from Balt Statue in Monster Clash and [God of Wrath] Kalgas in Tower Defense due to them being easier to kill then they were supposed to be.
- Added a monitoring system that will deal with crashes that come from the world running into a memory overflow crash (99% of the server crashes). When it detects that it is getting close to happening it will announce that the channel will be restarted in 1 hour. Announcements will then continue on the 30, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute marks to give players notice to switch channels/logout in time, rather then randomly crashing. All players will be kicked out of that channel and that channel will be restarted.
- GM's will now be able to reply to mail. Remember that their names will be in red with the tag [STAFF] before it.

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