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Siege Bug :(



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So here's the issue..

I joined the Guild Siege 6:00 PM Server Time. After which, I got disconnected with no apparent reason. When I log to the game back the Siege was over. Supposedly, as what I know. When you get disconnected during the siege time you will automatically teleport to Flaris but its the other way around. I stayed on the Field with no players. Perhaps, Im stuck or some kind of bug issue in the server. Tried all possibilities that would solve the issue such as using the quick teleport (Z), says, You cannot use it, used the "Nearest Town Teleport", still, it isn't allowed. Tried transferring from other channel (Channel 2) hoping it might somehow help but no. Used the /forcekillself command but still.. no response. So, I guess that's basically it. Anyone can help me for some alternatives that I havent done yet? Please do. Sad But, only way I can think of is.. a staff will /summon me to him/her. I'm only On during Siege time for some reasons.
I hope this will be fixed soon. Together with this message is a screenie. Thank You!

##1 - Posted on Thu May 21, 2015 4:59 am
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