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Hey guys,

I'm hive aka. "Its my first day playing Flyff and my game knowledge is -9000" and i had my first epic fight vs. Aibatts. Scary birds.

Nevermind lets get started.

So I played approx. 2 hours on the server (my first 2 hours playing Flyff at all) and i think i cant tell much about the game and stuff but the community seems pretty "big" but at the same time really friendly and supportive. ( Well i'm used to the LoL Community sooo..w/e).

I dont know but i feel like i wanna be on this server, even tho i dont know anything about the game.

But here comes the thing, that bothers me ... Well as a design student I'm looking at the aesthetics more then others and I think the website is really the "downpoint" of this whole Server. I mean the community seems cool, the games is good, but the web presence is not as good as the others. So I've looked up other "PServers" and yea some are worse, some are better Wink But overall its all the same "theme".

Dont get me wrong. I dont think its ugly or bad, I just think the server has way more potential.

I have a lot of knowledge about Web development and design and I really want to help to make this cool server even better.

Sorry for my horrible english. Very Happy

tl:dr Aibatts are scary birds !

PS : To the person, who created the website ITS NOT BAD OR UGLY. Its just kinda outdated. It has a lot of positive aspects aswell. I guess its nostalgic and theme dependent. But the Shop or Donate System and way more stuff could be improved.

I hope you dont hate me now. Btw if i could help you with those thing i wanna get paid in Kappadollars ! Wink

Just kidding Very Happy Love you guys <3

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Thanks for showing interest on upgrading or making the Forums and the website look good. I agree about what you said: the website and Forums we have now is not bad nor ugly. I bet Mazey or Grey or Daily can make this look even more unique and lively. But like I've said on the reply I sent you, they really are busy with other server issues as well as real life. If they have spare time, I bet they'll dish out some cool designs. And our website just got recently updated by Daily and it looked much more better than before!

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not closing out any opportunities for you--and I don't think I'm authorized to do that. But who knows, right? Good luck! Smile

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We don't have any necroposting rules here in Mazey Flyff, so you are free to post any suggestions to the website- especially since you're a design student.


Oh, you are not the only one with the website's design thoughts sneer

##3 - Posted on Fri May 22, 2015 6:46 am
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