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Item Rarity, 2 year anniversary and patchnotes



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Approaching the 2 year anniversary!!

2 years ago, on the 8th of July the server went live. Since then, tens of thousands of players have come and enjoyed their time and left their mark on the Mazey Flyff community. Sadly some have moved on, however many have stayed or returned to once again have fun at Mazey Flyff. I would firstly like to thank the whole community for being so great, without the community the server wouldn't of been achievable. Secondly I would like to thank the staff team, past, present and future, without your help and input, the server wouldn't been possible. I would also like to give a special thanks to all those who have supported the server over the past 2 years, whether through donating or voting for our server, it has helped grow the server and cover the running costs.

In appreciation and celebration of Mazey Flyff's 2 year anniversary there will be events running for all players to enjoy. They will run from July the 8th at 00:00 until July the 9th at 23:59, do note the times will be based off sever time.

- 2x Donation Points
- 3x Vote Points
- 2x Quest Drops
- 2x MQC
- 2x Rarity Event Chance

The Item shop will also have a 2 day sale for the same duration as the above events.  
- Male and Female Fashion 30% off
- Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Scrolls, Masks, Cloaks 20% off
- Misc 20% off dPoints and 40% off vPoints.

Now for the patch notes!

Item Rarity

All Armor, weapons and Shields will now drop with the chance of having a rarity Grade assigned with it. When it drops you will see an item glow signifying the item has a rarity level as seen in the picture above. Items with a Rarity Grade will provide bonus stats to an items base stats or if its part of a set, it will provide bonuses to the overall set bonuses, greatly increasing the usefulness of any item.  Do note that this will over ride the "Scrolls of Strength" etc found from collecting, and you will no longer be able to use these scrolls on items with a rarity grade.

Chance to obtain an item with Rarity

Stat Bonus from each Rarity Grade

Do note you won't get bonuses for every single stat listed for a given grade, you will only get that bonus if it is the base stat of the item or set bonus. See the spoiler below for a more in depth visual example.

Scroll of Item Rarity
This scroll has the chance to upgrade your item to Magic, Rare, Epic or Legendary. It is not 100% guaranteed to add a rarity. Using the scrolls will have a slightly higher rate to get a Rarity grade than items dropping. Using this item will never downgrade an item in rarity, it will only apply a higher rarity then what is already on an item otherwise it will fail.
- All Aurum Armor boxes (dPoints or MQC) will now come with 15 scrolls.
- All donation weapon boxes will now come with 4 scrolls.
- Chance to be obtainable from Colosseum Chests.
- Added to rewards for completing following quests

  • Collect ALL the things! (Darkon 1) (Part 4) x1
  • Collect ALL the things! (Coral Island) (Part 8 ) x1
  • Collect ALL the things! (Volkane) (Part 12) x2
  • Collect ALL the things! (Catacombs of Anguish) (Part 16) x4

2x Rarity Event Chance
From time to time there will be a server wide event where all the rates of obtaining an item with a rarity grade are doubled! This applies to both items dropped and scrolls used while the event is active.

Rarity Example:

Set Effects

Items Base Stats

Inventory Items

Items will have a coloured box representing their Rarity Grade to easily distinguish items in your inventory. This will carry over to the bank, backpack etc also

Selling via Private Shop

The item name will change colour depending on Rarity Grade as well as the background on the icon will be coloured to represent the rarity.

Ignore List

/ignorelist ~Brings up the Ignore list, this will also refresh the Ignore list
/ignore "Name" ~Add someone to your Ignore list
/unignore "Name"~Remove someone from your Ignore list

This will allow you to block seeing messages from any person of your choosing. You will no longer see messages from them via general chat, whispers, shouting, party chat, guild chat or private messages. Do note you cannot ignore staff, even if you add a staff member to your list it will by-pass the check and you will still see their message.
You will now see a new file called "IgnoreList.txt" in the client folder (You do have to run "/ignorelist" in game to generate it for the first time), you can manage this list either in game using the above commands or by adding names to the text file, 1 name per line. This will carry over onto all the character you play for that computer, so you won't have to add the same person to your ignore list on every character.

Monster's Drop list
This will allow you to click on a monster and see a list of all obtainable items from it. Bosses will also show the percent chances associated with the item.
You can access it by using the command '/droplist' or '/dl'


All other monsters

Right Click options added to Mail box

Delete: Deletes the mail. If there are still are still items attached to it, you will get a confirmation box.
Empty: Retrieve any Penya and items sent from that mail.

Smaller Buff/Consumable Item Icons
The icons of all buffs/consumable items have been reduced in size on screen. All the timer displays have been re-done so you can easily look at a timer and work out the time remaining, it will now use d, h, m or s (days, hours, minutes or seconds).


- Monsters in the Colosseum and Monster Clash will no longer be affected by knock back, they no longer should heal up due to being hit too far away from their spawn location.
- Similarly bosses classed as Super will also no longer be affected by knock-back.
- Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupons changed so you can just double click on them to play.
- Behemoth Tome of Obeah can now be modeled to shields
- Skeleton/Black Shield changed to level 75 as you could just use a reduce level to still wear it.
- Moved Element/(A)/Suit cards from Julia (Bank) to Peach (Upgrade).
- Changed the ability to purchase a guild house to level 1.
- Changed the ability to start a guild war to level 1.
- Changed the ability to set a guild logo to level 1.
- Reverted to the old warning timers for automatic chat mute. If you still manage to get muted it will still only be for 60 seconds.
- There will no longer be a cool down on teleporting places, however if you kill someone there will still be a 10 second cool down before teleporting is possible.

- Party skills will now appear when you join a party if they are currently active.
- Fixed cheer tool tip to be 0/6 instead of 0/3.
- Fixed the formula to display the HP gauges of bosses to be correctly displayed.
- Fixed an issue with saving kills in the siege. Players with 16 letters in their names should now be saved correctly.
- Added a fix to logging out/disconnecting in the siege arena, you will automatically be teleported back to - Flaris on login as some players were finding themselves stuck.
- Added a space to the notification for when a Friend comes online so it will be "(Name) has.." instead of "(Name)has.."
- Fixed an issue caused by having shadows set to high at client start-up.
- Fixed it so you don't have to open the pet filter every time you login and click apply, it will automatically set the item types to pickup on login based on what you previous had it set to.
- Fixed a crash for Crackshooters using  a YoYo.

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