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Help us enjoy flyff more



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I  have the recommended system for flyff to work. I played high graphics games with this pc too.... but in flyff I get crashed without error report (just closing the flyff client). Entering dungeons suck at times. Like I can't farm continously. The drop event - some of its times get wasted - some of my time too. GM, Staffs, and moderators of this game ... guys this server is really great. the system is great. the people are great... when I ocntact some GM online they reply and find solutions to my problem. They also guide newbies which is really great.

I think its not my PC or my DSL Connection that needs upgrade. I observed that the server 1 somewhat pulling out players at times disconnecting them (me including) at numerous of times when it get peaked ... reaching 220 above players. I think it needs some upload speed upgrade or some sort of operating system. you can release us patches with fixes to some bugs we report and seen on the forums. I made friends to this server... I am aphrod1t3 In-Game.

I have tried all the fixes the forum had offer.

Thank you for reading. And stay awesome.
I actually don't know where to put this .. if  this is in the wrong category.. please take time to put his in the right one .. Thank you. Smile

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I personally rarely experience the issues that you have described, but many other have and
also created several threads in the forum as well. In addition to that, Flyff in general is a game known for its lag and connection problems.

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I have that problem too, just walking around and i just crash , soon ill suggest low quality patch for better fps , might that be the problem ..

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