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Halloween Event + Patchnotes



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Halloween Event
There have been multiple reports of monsters from all over the world of Mazey Flyff sneaking into the Saint Morning Pumpkin Farms to steal pumpkins. The reason for the sudden increase in pumpkin thefts is still unknown, but Inisis has her theories with the most likely being an uprising! She has put out a reward for all the pumpkins recovered in hopes of preventing an uprising.

Event run time: Pumpkins will drop from now until 11:59pm on the 9th of November (All times are based on Server Times)

You can visit [Mentor] Inisis in Darkon to spend your Pumpkins on items. The majority of the items obtainable are unique and will only be obtainable for the Halloween event!

Pumpkin Shop:

25 Pumpkin's
Bloody Mary's Favor (Random box)

300 Pumpkin's
Ghastly Ghoul Hat (Male)
Ghastly Ghoul Clothes (Male)
Ghastly Ghoul Gloves (Male)
Ghastly Ghoul Shoes (Male)
Ghastly Ghoul Hat (Female)
Ghastly Ghoul Clothes (Female)
Ghastly Ghoul Gloves (Female)
Ghastly Ghoul Shoes (Female)

500 Pumpkin's
Cursed Axe
Cursed Sword
Cursed Yo-Yo
Cursed Ambidextrous Axe
Cursed Bow
Cursed Big Sword
Cursed Staff
Cursed Knuckle
Cursed Stick
Cursed Wand
Cursed Shield

750 Pumpkin's
Pumpkin Mask (Atk)
Pumpkin Mask (Mp)
Survivor's Cloak
Zombie Hunter s Cloak

5000 Pumpkin's (For the dedicated)
Death Scythe
Death Slayer of the Exceeds
Blade of Chaos
X900 Eviltron
Gemini's Soul Axe
Sagitarrius' Soul Axe
Taurus' Soul Axe
Gemini's Soul Axe 2h
Sagitarrius' Soul Axe 2h
Taurus' Soul Axe 2h
Gabriel's Sword 2h
Hofuku no Ken 2h
Abyssal Shark Sword 2h
Gabriel's Sword
Hofuku no Ken
Abyssal Shark Sword
Wizard's Journal 1
Book of Monsterology
Mazey's Secret Book
Gauntlet of Eillun
Metallic Fist
Protector's Knuckle
Cerberus Head Shield
Ancient Protector
Hero's Shield
Nature's Guardian Bow
Blade Bow
Apollo's Bow
Ancient Wizard Staff
Wooden Raven Staff
Soul Crystal Staff
Ancient Seraph Stick
Wooden Raven Stick
Soul Crystal Stick
Ancient Wizard Wand
Wooden Raven Wand
Soul Crystal Wand

**Remember you can hold shift and double click an item in a shop to see what it would look like.

Items obtainable from Bloody Mary's Favor:

Jack-o-lantern Fireworks
Giant Mr. Pumpkin Trans
Pumpkin Mask (No stats)
Devil Hairband
Remantis Laccotte x25
Bluemantis Laccotte x25
FP Mantis x25
Bloody Mary's Favor x1
Pumpkin x15,x50,x100

Set Changes

Critical hit Chance of 100% has been added to the following sets
- Aurum Templar
- Aurum Seraph
- Aurum Mentalist

Slayer and Crackshooter Aurum Set Bonuses altered
- 500% hp Added
- Critical hit Chance% decreased from 1000% to 700%

Modified the set bonuses of Kalgas Armor
This will bring it closer in line to Aurum, if you're able to obtain a full legendary set of Kalgas it will be the same bonuses as having an Aurum set without any rarity on it.

Rarity Changes
- Magic Items changed to have +16 to stats STR, STA, DEX and INT
- Rare Items changed to have +30 to stats STR, STA, DEX and INT
- Crit chance bonus brought in line with adoch

RC Card Shop Changes
- X,Y Cards removed from Geregantes
- Z Cards Reduced in price to 10,000 RC for Weapon Cards, 15,000 RC for Armor Cards.
- Added Mazey's Imperfect Stat Card and Mazey's Imperfect Percentage Card.

Mazey's Imperfect Stat Card
Gives All Stat+15, Adoch+10%, Critical Chance+10%, Atk Speed+10% and Decrease casting time+10% when applied to a pierced weapon or shield
20,000 RC

Mazey's Imperfect Percentage Card
Gives 15% HP, MP, Atk, FP and Defense when placed in a pierced suit
40,000 RC

Items added to Isruel
- Blue Corsage (F)
- White Corsage (F)
- Pink Corsage (F)
- Yellow Corsage (F)
- Decorative Black Ribbon

- Fixed/improved some tooltips and in game messages.
- Rarity bonuses from Templar, Seraph and Mentalist boots should now be applied correctly.

Have fun!
~Mazey Flyff Staff

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