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Vending Suggestion



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I saw a post from Hope

^ That was a great suggestion tho...... I don't know if it's already considered

Let me go directly to my suggestion,

Could we have a Vending NPC for example in other pservers they have what they call like "Vending Aibatts(Duration 6hours)" or any other monsters it can be bought for maybe
Vpoints(its great if it would be vpoints to avoid spamming Wink )
The amount that you can get after the vending NPC is gone will be sent directly to your mailbox but if the GMs can send it directly to your inventory why not? (BUT AFTER THE DURATION ENDS not everytime a person buys to your shop)

I can see if this gets a -1 because Market Place would be overpopulated things like that, maybe we can apply the ONE VENDING NPC PER USER and when its already vending your character can't vend to avoid spamming

Lastly, the advantage of this your vending NPC would be selling for you while you're in farming/siege/MC/etc. or what so ever.

P.S. as said above I just got this idea from past pserver flyff but I hope this applies to Mazey Flyff to have better gaming experience.... Very Happy

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To be honest, I doubt that this vending NPC will ever become popular. One can simply dual client while farming and stay online until the server gets offline, and no VP will be necessary. In addition, the amount of VP spent on this NPC will let you gain more RP than if you do not manage to sell anything for the six hours duration. It is an unecessary gamble.

##2 - Posted on Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:59 am

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