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Christmas Event 2015



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Edit: For the duration of the event I have limited it to 6 connections per IP to lessen the load, as some players were using 10+ characters at a time.

Its that time of year again, a time to be with friends and family. I hope everyone has had a good year and has a safe and merry Christmas.

Don't miss Rial's Christmas Events which can be found here!

This years event will run from today (December 18th) until December 28th 11:59pm
**Times are based on server time.

About the Event
Collect as many Christmas Gifts as you can - and share them around!
There are different ways to obtain a Christmas Gift. These are:

★ Cheer another Player, sharing is caring and since its Christmas time you can gift your friends with a Christmas Gift Box from simply cheering them, who knows you might even get a gift for your generosity. This portion of the Christmas event will only work on Channel 2, due to the expected increase in afk players, we wish for all players wishing to partake in Guild Siege/Monster Clash etc to still be able to get onto channel 1.
★ Participate in the Guild Siege and score 25 or more points.
★ Participate in the FFA Siege and score 25 or more points.
★ Participate in the Monster Clash and have your guild reach the Mid-Bosses.
★ An additional box will be gifted to the winning members participating in the Monster Clash.
★ Stay online for 1 hour and you will also receive a bonus Christmas Gift.

What can you obtain from the Christmas Gift Box?
There are two types of boxes that can be obtained from opening a Christmas Gift Box, click on the below spoilers to find out more on what you can get from them!

Naughty BUT Nice Box:
Naughty BUT Nice Box
Item Name                                                           Amount
Snow Crystal5
Snow Crystal7
Snow Crystal10
Snow Crystal15
Snow Crystal20
Snow Crystal25
Snow Crystal30
Snow Crystal35
Snow Crystal40
Snow Crystal45
Snow Crystal50
Snow Crystal60
Snow Crystal70
Snow Crystal80
Snow Crystal90
Snow Crystal100
Slightly Nice Box:
Slightly Nice Box

Item Name                                                           Amount
Naughty BUT Nice Box1
Lump of Coal5
Remantis Laccotte25
Bluemantis Laccotte25
FP Mantis25
Santa Trans(Lasts 30 min.)1
Rocket Cracker1
Heart Cracker1
Twister Cracker1
New Year's Bomb1
Star Hair Band1
Rudolph's Nose1
Santa's Hat1

Snow Crystal and Lump of Coal Exchange System

All of your Snow Crystals and Lumps of Coal can be exchanged at the Flaris Major.


Lump of Coal - Pets
Cost: 250 Coal
Mr. Grinchie

Snow Crystals - Pets
Cost: 1000
Mini Santa
Mini Snowman
Jimbo the Snowman
Jack Frost

Weapon Models
Cost: 600
Sword of Dasher
Big Sword of Donner
Knuckle of Rudolph
Stick of Elves Cheer
Wand of Elves Magic
Staff of Dancer
Bow of Blitzen
Yoyo of Comet

Limited Weapon Models
Cost: 4000
**Limited to 5 of each model**
Muran's Executioner
Scorpio's Soul Axe
Cancer's Soul Axe
Muran's Executioner 2h
Scorpio's Soul Axe 2h
Cancer's Soul Axe 2h
Abaddon's Sloth
Frozen King's Sword
Raphael's Reaper
Abaddon's Sloth 2h
Frozen King's Sword 2h
Raphael's Reaper 2h
Book of Demonology
Sun Crystal Spellbook
Wizard's Journal 2
Ankou's Claw
Emerald Knuckle
Devil's Force Knuckle
Emerald Shield
Unicorn Soul Shield
Crystal-Eye Shield
Fire Goddess Bow
Ancient Titan Bow
High-powered Energy Bow
Holy Enchantment Staff
Crystalid Staff
Moon Wizard's Staff
Stick of Handel
Crystalid Stick
Lunar Seraph Stick
Crystalid Wand
Lunar Mentalist's Wand

**Remember you can see the limited item stock left by using the "/getLimitedItemList" or "/glil" and they can only be brought on channel 1.

**Master Frozen Weapons were intentionally left out this year so that they retain their rarity in game.

Additional Event
There will be a 2x dPoint and vPoint event running from 12:01am December 25th until 11:59pm December 26th
**Times are based on server time.

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