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Patch notes 20th September



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New Items

- 3 New Male cs sets and 3 new Female cs sets added to the item shop.
- 1 new Male and Female cs set has been added to the rc store.

- 36 Male and 35 Female fashion sets from the original game added to the item store as vote items. This takes the total count for cs fashion sets obtainable in game to 315. As many people enquired about these fashion sets I decided that they would best be added as a vote item. For 10 vPoints you will get 1 random piece of one of the sets. The bonus these sets add are slightly better then rc sets but not as good as the donor fashion sets.

Vote set bonuses
All stats +900
Mp% +450%
Hp% +450%
Attack% +450%
Pvp Damage +90%

For Comparison
Donation set bonuses
All stats +1000
Mp% +500%
Hp% +500%
Attack% +500%
Pvp Damage +100%
Giftbox +1

RC set bonuses
All stats +800
Mp% +400%
Hp% +400%
Attack% +400%
Pvp Damage +80%

- Second channel has been re-added, I will be monitoring how well this works out. Staff may monitor afk farmers in channel 2 but they might not action anything as they will primarily be in channel 1. (Note this channel may be temporary)
- Channels have been taken down to a maximum of 350 people per channel, as when the channels were getting to be about 400 people on them, it would crash.
- The bugged custom titles have been removed from prize list, there were 8 titles that were removed.
- The staffs Freeze command has been fixed and is now working as it should, afk farmers will be frozen in place if caught multiple times.
- Another channel has been added to Traseia.
- The glitch that occurs from getting disconnected or closing the job change window for 1st and 2nd Job change has been fixed. When you login it will check if the job change window should be shown.
- Turtle King is now a mob that only one character can attack, therefore whoever kills him will have a few seconds to pickup their loot after it has been killed.
- PVP has been removed from Volkane Red Room aka where the Red Meteo spawns.
- Catalyst stick stats have been decreased to be 750% hp and 450% Decreased Cast Time.
- Sky Splitter skill (Templar) is now able to be used with an axe as well.
- Max guilds that can siege is now 15.
- Added a few behind the scenes fix ups and security improvements.


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