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Frozen (not the movie)



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Hi guys
so there's a bug which has been occuring multiple times and i was just lazy to report it. But now it triggered me so yea :X
Bug: Whenever I try to farm with my Ele, and use alot of skills in a short period of time, i get frozen. It doesnt matter where I do it and which skill I use, it just get frozen (Is there a limit on how many skills u r allowed to use or ? o,O). When u r frozen, u cannot: Move, use skills, CHANGE THE PARTY LEADER (etc. as far as ik those were the things i tried which didnt work Very Happy). Pls fix this, its really annoying to make a party for farming and then lose it at the next moment. And even if I can get it back, the party skills still vanish when I logout.
How to fix the problem right now: I have to relog, but sometimes having to relog sucks, so please, consider this a problem and fix it for us please.

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