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Patchnotes May 19th 2016



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This maintenance was mainly to address long overdue fixes needed.

New Items Added
- 13 new Perfect World Models added to the Colosseum Treasure Chest with a Golden Key

- 15 new cloaks added to MQC shop for 15-25k.


- Fixed an issue with Rarity items that when items were switched too fast under certain circumstances could cause a temporary loss of stats.
- X900 EvilTron and Yellow Unicorn pets decreased in size slightly.
- Added a Tool tip for when Buff Breaker (single) is used on someone.
- Added a corresponding coloured box around items with rarity when placed in the task-bar.
- Improved how pets calculate which item to next pick up.
- Fixed it so the game doesn't freeze when you move the window.
- Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash when teleporting with your stat pet out.
- Fixed a few issues that caused the server to crash under certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue with Fashion Combine.
- Fixed an issue that could be used to increase the range of skills.
- Fixed an issue that could be used to increase running speed unnaturally.
- Fixed some grammar/spelling mistakes on items.

~Mazey Flyff Staff

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