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Legendary Colosseum, forgotten?



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The most efficient for farming and very popular thing to do as of now in this server is, Colosseum. Most people do colosseum, every single day. I know we all fly solo, we like to farm by ourselves, we want to get those glorious rewards for ourselves and whether we should sell the items we got from the treasures or, keep them.
To be honest, with my slayer I can farm a mass amount of colosseum chips within a time limit. For instance, I can farm a little over 1k of colosseum chips in an hour playing normal colosseum. But, whenever I do legendary colosseum with my friends, the average chips we is 500 chips in just 15-20 mins. And considering that there are 8 of people in the party. We all know legendary colosseum is hard asf if you're just gonna fly solo it, even my templar with 1.3b hp dies in there.
All I'm saying is, shouldn't the legendary colosseum deserves more rewards? It is so underrated nowadays, everyone is smart enough to just do the normal colosseum and actually earn more than doing the legendary. What is the point of it calling "Legendary" if the rewards aren't even that "legendary."
I'm just suggesting that the "Legendary" colosseum that requires a team effort to successfully finish must have a satisfying reward.
I hope the mazey team takes this as a consideration, it would be greatly appreciated by those who likes to do some fun stuff with other people in this server, not just guild siege and monster clash. Thank you.

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