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Mazey's 3rd Anniversary



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Hello fellow Mazey players!

It's the time of the year, where we celebrate another successful year of Mazey server being up and live. This year we're celebrating 3 years!
As another year passes by, Mazey Staff Team would firstly like to greatly thank you for all your support throughout the years so far - we wouldn't have reached another milestone on the server if it wasn't for you!
Secondly, we've planned a few Events for you, to entertain and thank you for helping us where we are now!

Weekend Specials

As a first, we will be holding a Weekend Server Event, which are as follows:

2x Donation Points
2x Vote Points
2x Colosseum Chips
2x Rarity

The Server Events will run from Friday 8th July 2016 [00:00AM Server Time] up until Sunday 10th July 2016 [23:59PM Server Time].

Reasons for no other Events being held such as MQC/QI is due to us running a Milestones Facebook Event.
For more information please check here:

Anniversary Event

Following the Server Events, a series of Quest Lines have been added, in which you can obtain a special Anniversary Box!

The Quest Lines will begin at the [MagicBox] Ancimys in Flaris, where he will take you through each step of the way, helping you out in collecting some boxes! The Quests will be available until Wednesday 13th 11:59pm.

The maximum amount of Anniversary Boxes per completed Quest Line is 5  15.
You can reset the Quest on your character with the /RemoveCompleteQuest command (costs 20RP), however you're more than welcome to do those on your other characters - free of charge ;D

Quest Line Rewards

By completing the following parts, you'll get the below prizes:

                     •Part 1: 5x Perin
                     •Part 2: 1x Fireshower
                     •Part 3: 5x Perin
                     •Part 4: 5x Remantis Laccotte
                     •Part 5: 1x Jack-O-Lantern Fireworks
                     •Part 6: 1x  3x  Anniversary Box
                     •Part 7: 1x Sulnal Bomb
                     •Part 8: 2x  6x Anniversary Box
                     •Part 9 1x Rarity Scroll
                     •Part 10: 2x  6x  Anniversary Box

Anniversary Box

So, curious what's inside our Anniversary Boxes?
Here's a list, along with their commonness:

Very Common
GM Fruitcake x1

Remantis Laccotte x25
Bluemantis Laccotte x25
Refresher Hold x10
Upcuts x10
Vital Drink X x10

Less Common
Perin x25
MQC x25
Lord's Cheer x1
Lord's Blessing x1
Lord's Love x1

Voter's Buff x1
Jester's Hat of Iblis (model)
Jester's Hat of Bubble (model)
Jester's Hat of Shade (model)

Super Extra Rare
Soul Dancer (Buff Pet)
Chameleon (Buff Pet)
Kuma Cloak
Acheron Forged Axe
Harpy's Spirit Axe
Acheron Forged Axe 2h
Harpy's Spirit Axe 2h
Zadakiel's Blade 2h
Raguel's Reaper 2h
Zadakiel's Blade
Raguel's Reaper
Holy Enchantment Book
Nature Guardian's Book
Gauntlet of Herneos
Crystal Blade Fist
Hierro's Shield
Ankou's Protector
Bow of Herneos
Frozen King's Bow
Staff of Reodos
Nagini's Staff
Dark Magic Stick
Nagini's Stick
Wand of Ainher
Nagini's Wand
Mazey's Mighty Yoyo


For the duration of the Quest Line Event, we will be holding Invasions.
They will only be do-able by Admins, so please do not PM GM's regarding this, in advance.

The following monsters will be included in the invasion:

Alpha Clockworks
Ankou* (Behemoth)

* - They're a part of the Quest Line Event

Invasion Drops

Usual Drops
Low change of dropping Anniversary Boxes **UPDATED to decrease drop rate slightly**

Other Updates/Fixes

♥Time reduced for the failed login to 5 seconds.
♥Title from Donate Shop is now tradable
♥Title from Events are character-bound, untradable.
♥Collector char freeze when server crashes or you d/c - whilst collecting - should be now fixed.
♥Taken out the items from the /getlimiteditemslist command.
♥A small number of accounts banned for having awakes that were unobtainable, method used was fixed.

As a final, I would like to thank every player on behalf of whole Mazey Staff for helping us reach the 3 year Milestone!
Keep being awesome, guys and girls ♥

Quests designed and patch notes prepared by Daily

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