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STA or %HP ?



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Hi everyone,

I was wondering what feature would be best for having the maximum amount of HP? Having FD items, would it be better to have more STA or more %HP? Having in mind the violet and red guitar - I'm interested in them - but I don't know which one is better to have the most HP possible. Or if they are useful at all.


##1 - Posted on Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:23 pm
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Basically, we don't have %HP awakes. So what you're gonna do is to get all the maximum STA awakes like +900 STA on all parts of your armor, weapon, and shield. You can only get %hp on items as a part of its effect. Not as awakes. I hope I made myself clear. In my experience, the 40 RP cloak from RC shop is better than Violet/Red Guitar. But that is arguable, I guess.

Check out this guide: Templar.

This guide is outdated on some parts. Like if you will read through this, it will suggest to use a Donate Fashion. But right now, we have 2/2 vote fashions and MQC fashion. That's what you're going to need. A 2/2 fashion with [Legendary]Animus Hair +130 stats. And also for the weapon, you don't need to have a donate one if you're just planning to have max HP. Use Legion weapons.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to message me on Kertty/Shaithere. Good luck.

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