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Patchnotes September 7th 2016



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Did you think that Remantis were over powered? wait till you've tasted these. These delicious cookies will not only fully heal you, but have you refreshed and ready to go. (Full HP, MP and FP)
They can be purchased from the Red Chip Merchant Wafor for 500rc a cookie.

Scroll of Max Couple
This scroll can be used to instantly increase a couple level to max. It will be available from the Item Store for 5 dPoints or 15 vPoints.

Diamond Socketing
Ever thought putting diamonds into a weapon was hard? Well now you can purchase the diamond you want to use for 100k (200k for PvP or PvE) Red Chips from Wafor. Designed for those who are a little lazy at heart.

Censorship Option

Ever wondered what someone is attempting to say and they say ****? There is now the option to show words that would otherwise be censored. Try keep it PG.

Wiki Modifications
Wanted to find those items even easier? Well now you can.
- You can now use f12 to open/close the wiki.
- Added 6 more categories to sort by (Shield, Cloaks, Mask, Fashion, Jewellery and Pets)
- The size of the search window has also been increased to see more at once.

- Doubled the amount of attempts that can be done on an account with a wrong password before a 15 minute temporary ban is put in place. (3 to 6 attempts)
- 1 Hour Premium scrolls have had their stack limit increased from 100 to 9999.
- Hot key modified to show the ping/fps you can use f11. (ctrl + f no longer works)
- Modified the monsters from Monster Clash and Colosseum to no longer be affected by knockback and can be attacked by everyone.
- Fixed the message that shows when someone is in refuse chat/trade to actually show up.
- Removed the "Before Tax Cost" line from buying or selling in penya stores.

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