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EVENT:Christmas Event 2016



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Mazey Flyff Christmas Event 2016

Another year has flown by yet again, I want to give a big thank you to all the staff and players that have made Mazey Flyff what it is today. I hope everyone has a good Christmas and looks after themselves and one another. Onto this years Christmas Event!

This years event will be running from today up until 28th of December at 11:59pm. It will be composed of different events that are outlined below. All currency items/un-used boxes from previous Christmas Events have also been removed to start fresh.

[Spawn Event]

For the duration of the Christmas Event there will be monsters spawning around the world of Madrigal to be hunted for their glorious loot. You will see Buurs, Saphyryans and Mischievous Present Boxs roaming the world! They will be dropping Christmas Tokens and have a low chance to drop Christmas Gifts (See further Below)

Christmas Tokens can be spent at Flaris Mayor on limited items. Limited items can only be bought on channel 1, you can check how many of each item are remaining by using the command "/getLimitedItemList" or "/glil".

Christmas Token Exchange

[Unlimited at 50 Christmas Tokens]
Christmas Giftx1

[Limited to 10 of each at 8000 Christmas Tokens]
Blue Mistletoe Set (M)
Blue Mistletoe Set (F)

[Limited to 5 of each at 4000 Christmas Tokens]
Belphegor's Hunger
Belphegor's Hunger 2h
Sathanus' Wrath 2h
Sathanus' Wrath
Malphas' Claw
Bow of Olympus
Ancient Arcane Staff
Ancient Arcane Stick
Ancient Arcane Wand
High King's Shield
Book of Olympus
Yoyo of the Forgotten

[In Game Participation Events]

Last years bonuses are returning for another round with brand new rewards!
Collect as many Christmas Gifts as you can - and share them around!
There are different ways to obtain a Christmas Gift. These are:

- Cheer another Player, sharing is caring and since its Christmas time you can gift your friends with a Christmas Gift Box from simply cheering them, who knows you might even get a gift for your generosity. This portion of the Christmas event will only work on Channel 2, due to the expected increase in afk players, we wish for all players wishing to partake in Guild Siege/Monster Clash etc to still be able to get onto channel 1.
- Participate in the Guild Siege and score 25 or more points.
- Participate in the FFA Siege and score 25 or more points.
- Participate in the Monster Clash and have your guild reach the Mid-Bosses.
- An additional box will be gifted to the winning members participating in the Monster Clash.

Christmas Gift:

Snow Crystal 1-25
Lump of Coal 1
Remantis Laccotte 25
Bluemantis Laccotte 25
FP Mantis 25
Cookie 25
Santa Trans(Lasts 30 min.) 1
Rocket Cracker 1
Heart Cracker 1
Twister Cracker 1
New Year's Bomb 1
Fireshower 1
Star Hair Band 1
Rudolph's Nose 1
Santa's Hat 1
Christmas Themed Weapon Box 1

Christmas Themed Weapon Box:

Sword of Dasher
Big Sword of Donner
Knuckle of Rudolph
Stick of Elves Cheer
Wand of Elves Magic
Staff of Dancer
Bow of Blitzen
Yoyo of Comet
Axe of Prancer
Hammer of Vixen

Snow Crystal Exchange

Snow Crystals obtained from Christmas Gifts can be used at Flaris Mayor also on the following items

[5 Coal]
Mr. Grinchie

[40 Snow Crystals]
Mini Snowman
Jimbo the Snowman
Jack Frost

[250 Snow Crystals]
Aries' Soul Axe
Axe of Risen
Crystal Dragon Axe
Aries' Soul Axe 2h
Axe of Risen 2h
Crystal Dragon Axe 2h
Blade of Hael 2h
Lucifer's Pride 2h
Sword of Reonan 2h
Sword of Reonan
Blades of Hael
Lucifer's Pride
Earthgod's Spellbook
Blue Devil's Song
Song of Rhisis
Mechanical Gauntlet
Gauntlet of Sury
Hands of Hades
Dragon Slayer's Guard
Lucifer's Guard
Titan's Protector
Blue Flame Bow
Dragon Slayer's Bow
Bow of Elaine
Staff of Necromaster
Royal Sage's Staff
Staff of Rhisis
Stick of Necromaster
Royal Seraph's Stick
Stick of Rhisis
Wand of Necromaster
Royal Mage's Wand
Wand of Rhisis

[Bonus Rate Events]
Starting at 00:00 on each date a new bonus event will be starting and will run 24 hours until the 23:59. Do note these will be based on server time.

20th December 2x Couple Exp
21st December 2x Colosseum Chips
22nd December 2x Quest Drops
23rd December 2x Mazey Quest Chips
24th December 2x Red Chips!!
25th December No bonus event today spend time with your family!
26th-27th December 2x Rarity
27th December Channel 1 = 2x MQC and Channel 2 = 2x Colo!!

Additionally running will also be
20th until the 27th 2x vPoints will be running
24th until the 27th 2x dPoints will be running

~Mazey Flyff Staff

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