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Patchnotes January 19th



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- Pet Glow System Added
This can be accessed by going Start->Helper->Change Pet Glow. Simply drop one of your pets into the Change Pet Glow window and you can set it to have a fancy new glow.

- Event Prize Shop
Changed how Event Prizes work, you will now get an Event token if you're lucky enough to win a Staff members event, rather than have to pick your prize then and there. These event Tokens can be used in game at Romina to buy the prize category you want.

Also added a new custom event that will be held in a similar fashion to 2x events. While the event is running 1 lucky player every hour will win an Event Prize. Do note if your character is afk it will not be in the running for the prize.

- Inventory Improvements
Items that are Soul Linked, Awake locked, Level Reduced or Account bound now all have a lock icon in the top right corner. This should allow to quickly see what items you're able to trade/vend/bank.

- Rarity Pet Filter
You can now choose to pick up items that have rarities. Untick the rarities you want your pickup pet to collect, do note these will over ride the equipment section if an item drop has a rarity.
(Normal = Items that have STR or DEX etc bonuses on the item)

- RP Converter
Added a RP and Perin Converter to the motion window. These can be hot keyed. The Perin converter has also received an upgrade, you will only need to click this once now and it will convert all possible Penya to Perin.

- New Motions/Animations
3 New motions can now be performed, Dabbing, Moonwalking and Seppuku.

- Premium Scroll times are now stack-able up to 24 days. Do note you can only stack the same scroll, for example if using a 3 day Premium it will not allow you to use a 1 hour scroll to increase it.

- Added a Confirm Box to model changing, you will now get a box asking "Are you sure you want to lose (insert item name that will be lost here)", hopefully this should clear up any confusion about modeling the wrong way around. Also you can no longer Model change from an awake locked item. Simply visit Peach to remove any awake locks.

- Changed how damage is displayed on screen slightly to hopefully be easier to read larger numbers.

- Stat Pet Leveling changed
There are no longer any quests to level them to the next class, they will automatically level up when they reach the required exp.
When pets reach S class, they will be put to 99.99% to ensure an annoying non full exp bar is full.

- Penya no longer drops, It will go directly to your inventory, this should hopefully speed up picking up items.

- The action slot will no longer require the need for Activation Scrolls to be used for no cool-downs. The Scrolls of Activation have also been removed from the Red Chip Store.

- Christmas exchange removed.
- Removed Shopping cart from NPC Shops, their looks are now back to normal.
- Removed the Create Jewels option from Peach to stop it being abusable.

- Fixed an issue with pick up pets not picking up items correctly in some places.
- Fixed an issue with pick up pets not correctly un-eqiuping in certain circumstances.
- Fixed Penya shops to represent items that you have enough penya/perin for.
- Monster Clash Re-enabled.

Facebook Milestone Event
Due to the likes being made using bots/hundreds of fake accounts, and increasing our likes by 1k within 2 days, it would be unfair to make the last milestone event due to non-legitimate ways of collecting 'Likes'. The 10k milestone has now became 10,500. If the milestone is yet again met the way it was now, the last milestone will either be extended again or cancelled altogether. Details here

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