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OKAY, im back and I need admins & staffs opinion



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for admins and staffs please read the last paragraph

main character: pr0x1ma

I was gone for like a year...
now Im back bcos I've seen new models *_*
haha .. no, its not the only reason of course...
I need some to kill off time when I am not doing any Art Commission
people know me here before... and they know I am a Digital Artist.
Basically, I make arts for a living.
I had FD Slayer before - but I gave it to someone when I decided to quit.
here are few character I was so close back then
RHNAB, Debby, Shocked, People from Conviction Guild.
so now, you may have the idea who I was before.

So, I been back for like 3 days now.
I still can't access paypal. turns out it was just my ISP that blocked paypal for a reason i dont know. Repairman said they gonna fix it within a week.

for admins and staffs... I have a question.. maybe you need a Digital artist for promotional purposes?
I can make banners and wallapers (DIGITAL DRAWING) from items and characters in-game. I'd love to be a part of staffs :3
here's one of my artwork :

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