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End game blades useless



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You wth Mazey I've been here 3 years waiting for a blade update and haven't gotten anything but a harder Coliseum with drops that aren't worth my time or anyone else's. I understand that this is a siege based server but the lack of love for my favorite class is not cool man. To list some things I'm unhappy about let's start with the block rate formula I need 4800 critical to land hits on a consistent basis which is huge if I wanted to siege with reliable crits even if I put everything into doing dmg after getting that I'd only come out at like maybe 250m crits while still having more blocked hits that actual crits and having like 90m hp so getting one shot by anyone with rr or range is a 100% guarantee. Even if you switch it up and layer on sta and critical with no damage you come out at 490m hp doing 60-80m crits and you can forget about even getting anywhere near the 4800cc that's been set so you'll be lucky to get 1 hit in before you're 1 shot by a psychological auto asal hop or two hit by ww luckily we can run from knights without getting butt fucked when running a higher hp build. The thing that also bugs me is that rangers are the ones that get the 1000cc skill while leaving the poor blades high and dry like the literally go all dex have the longest range and a suitable pvp skill in dark illusion. I guess I'm mostly just frustrated with being 1 shot by anyone that looks at me while not having any real place of the server. I would really like to see a blade revamp even if you made the skill based in pvp rather than critical based but preferably I would like to see a change in the block rate formula that allows us to make a blade playable in the siege without having to sacrifice so much to land a hit that you're just basically free food if you go in. Also I would fucking love to see you nerd the psy auto attacks because being 1 hit when you have any adoc on your char just sucks.

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