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Somebody SCAM me!!! (SCAMMER ALERT)



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14. Scamming is a serious offense. We cannot refund what was lost, but please give staff members’ evidence of the scammer. They WILL be banned for 3 days to permanently, depending on the scam.

Please punish this player by banning his/her IP, I guess he/she use dummy character on doing this thing. Don't care on my lost i just want to punish him/her. Thank you for Reading my concern and applying the punishment on him/her... Those pic. indicated is our conversation. The transaction that must happen is trading my FD tiger on his/her FD shield atk sopa sta + 100rp but he always cancel the trade eventually in one of our trades i didn't see that he change the item  FD shield to catalyst  axe+100 rp and we traded. I'm asking to return my item and I'll return all his item too but he\she just  ignore it. I said to him/her that I'll report him but he ignore the threat. Please implement you're policy on him/her thanks Smile ...

##1 - Posted on Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:11 pm
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