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My Sad story how i got scammed



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Hello everyone long time mazey player here,

So here's a story for you to read and learn from it like i did, so all began couple days ago when i invited 3 friends to play with me here on mazey, i got them fairly geared up non donor because i never managed to get something for me, so we made a plan do the MQC Quest over and over and just grind it, so we did until yesterday we managed to get 60k mqc.
I Did constant math on how to get a Aurum set with the least of our mqc (didn't want to use all the 120k and farm them), so i came up with a plant which was, get the 60kmqc, Sell the for the price of 12rp per 1k, get the 720rp, buy donator points (which are 250rp per 5dp), and get a aurum set, this was our plan, so we get the 60mqc, i started shouting all day yesterday, nothing no one wanted to pay that much, until a guy came and said that he will trade me his Aurum Templar if i got him 4pve awakes, i denied because i wanted Aurum Slayer which is what me and mates agreed on, he kept trying and i kept denying it, 30 minutes went past and a guy starts shouting that he was trading his Aurum Slayer for An Aurum Templar, this was my time.
I could get the Aurum templar from the other guy and trade it to that guy i got so excited i shouted to my friends on teamspeak "we've made it, we've made it", i never got an aurum i was in extase, i felt great, at the time i tought i will fynalli get my first aurum here on the server, well i got the pve awakes traded to that guy for the templar set went back to Flaris to get the aurum slayer the guy wans't there, ok i'll wait 5min maybe he dced, 5 min passed, 10 min passed until i realized it had to be the same guy so he could get the pve awakes from me and i never got the aurum slayer i wanted.

TL:DR: Guy wanted me to trade Aurum Templar for 4xpve awakes, i refused, guy came after 30min on another account saying he had Aurum slayer he wanted Aurum templar, i went back traded with first guy, second guy dissapeared and never came back.

Moral of the story: Start taking screenshots of your conversations, ask them to see the items first and get the names of the people you are making deals with (Write them down somewhere)

IF someone has an Aurum Slayer Clean that wants to trade for Aurum Templar pm me ign:Haikiru or Message me on:

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So sad...I wish you can have an aurum slayer.

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