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Mazey's 4th Anniversary



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Another year been and gone, how the time has flown as we approach the 4 year milestone. I'd like to thank all the staff and players who have stuck by the server over the years, as well as the new comers, without you there would be no server. There are new items in the works that should be landing in the near future so stay tuned for those and enjoy yourselves.

This years events to celebrate the 4th milestone will be running from Saturday 8th 00:00 until Monday 10th 23:59 and will as follows
- 2x Donation Points
- 3x Vote Points
- Hourly Event Prize winner (Only in channel 1 and mustn't be afk)
- 100% bonus Red Chips
- 150% bonus Quest Items
- 100% bonus Colosseum Chips
- 150% bonus Mazey Quest Chips
- 100% increased Rarity Chance (do note this means increased on current rates, not guaranteed)


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