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Mazey FlyFF 2.0



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It would be nice to make a big update with

1. Rebirth
2. Higher level cap
3. Better/more dungeons
4. Test dummies
5. Login Pincode

1/2: Makes people play Mazey FlyFF more often. I'm level 175 and I got nothing to do when I get on Mazey FlyFF sometimes. #morePvE

3: New dungeons and more loot, just like RuneScape. Make some bosses drop 0.1% items etc. (if this gets accepted, make sure to think about the lucky drop)

4: A lot of people trying to find other people to test their damage on, so it' s much better to test damage on a dummy. Most of the times you one hit a player.

5: Better account security.

##1 - Posted on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:52 pm
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