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Reporting DangerousSavage



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Hello. I am IGN:Kindle

IGN:DangerousSavage is selling 5dp for 200rp. I decided to choose Sacred Sword. During the trade, DangerousSavage opened the box and only placed the sacred sword without the 4rarities in the trading window.

I said it is not 5dp if he is only going to trade the sacred sword and doesn't include the 4rarities and i won't accept. After she told me that "lol scammer","i dont want to include the rarities u dammy" & "im gonna shout ur fcking name!"

later this IGN:MandaueBank just came threathened me, told me "i SS this" & "i give this to shai"

I made this as a proof that I didn't scam anyone.

I know I'm not in the position to judge but please Admin/GM/Mazey Staff check the IP of DangerousSavage and MandaueBank if they are related because if I'm not mistaken what they're doing is frame-up, pressuring other players to give in to their scamming technique, shouting innocent people's names so that they will give in to what they wanted. If we actually are innocent then we should not be afraid, lets open our minds, sorry for this kind of feeling though.  


(Pictures attached, all 4 are different, check the shout & chat box.)
correction: I said "it wouldn't be 5dp without 5rarities" my bad but before that I said "4rarities".

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Im on ur side, if you buy a item from the Item Mall you are supposed to recive the FULL pack, not just a part of it (And the rarities are a part of it). Well well well, i dont think ur in the wrong and shouldn't be punished at all.


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Me too, I bought his 15dp for 650rp to buy AURUM YJ BOX from item mall then after he relog he traded me the AURUM YJ 4/4 not the AURUM YJ BOX so i cancel the trade because he don't want to include the rarities on the trade. I was like WTF CLEAN AURUM 4/4 YJ for 650 rp. Next time if you will buy again tell them that don't open the box if they don't agree then cancel it.

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