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Small update with needed fixes



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Its been a while since the last update, I apologize. I do however hope to get back into making new and interesting changes to Mazey Flyff in 2018. Today we have a small start towards that goal, adding in a couple of new quality of life improvements and fixing the 2 biggest issues that have been around in the past few months.

In game dpoint and vPoint event notifications, similar to when other bonus events are running to make it easier for players to see when such events are taking place.

Pick-up pets will now teleport with you similar to how stat pets do. There will be no need to re-summon them every time you teleport somewhere.

Added a 5 second wait before being able to teleport after casting any skills that aren't buffs or healing related.

Removed a stat glitch.

Any players that were reported and banned for choosing to abuse either of these over the past few months will remain banned.


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