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Robo de Red Perins y Mazey Quest Chip



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En el dia de hoy el usuario xXRavelXx ofrecio una Sea King Cloack por la oferta de 10.000 MQC y 70 RP le doy trade a su personaje y me dice que espere que ya viene otro personaje de el con la capa y nunca llega. borra su personaje para no dar respuesta a tu trade espero pueda solucuinar la estafa que hizo este sujeto.

PD: el personaje con el que le di trade es Garu

##1 - Posted on Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:29 pm
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Please post in English.

Google Translate being my friend...

''Today the user xXRavelXx offered a Sea King Cloack for the offer of 10,000 MQC and 70 RP I give trade to his character and tells me to wait until another character comes with the cloak and never arrives. delete your character to not answer your trade I hope you can solve the scam that made this subject.

PS: the character that I gave him trade with is Garu''

This has been dealt with now, however please note that we are not responsible for any items lost.

##2 - Posted on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:06 pm

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