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Rizal Park: Philippine’s Famous Park



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If you are a newbie here in the Philippines, you probably have heard of the famous Luneta or Rizal Park in Manila. It’s both a historical and amusement place where some of the essential happenings in Philippine’s history occurred. A great place to find facts about the w88 Philippines and a must go place to visit in Manila Rizal Park is previously called as Bagumbayan from Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines. It’s named after the Philippines’ greatest hero Jose Rizal whose heroic actions had ended for a death shot here in Luneta in December 1896. Since then, Filipinos always remember Rizal’s heroism whenever they visit the certain park.

I recently visited the park over the weekends with my friends and agreeable to say—it had been more beautiful from the last years. May things have changed, yet it has preserved its friendly environment and entertaining spots.

To welcome you in the Philippines virtually—let me show here my quick tour around the park.

Going to Rizal Park

Travelling along the Philippines is quite convenient because of its unique means of transportation. It was Sunday when my friends and I agreed to walk around Rizal Park. I got out of our house at 2 PM in the afternoon and no need to register m88. As you can see from the picture, there’s not much vehicle this time of the day, for daily commuters are on their day-off, because clearly, it’s Sunday—it’s family day.

Then I reached the park in no time, approximately thirty minutes travel time.

My friends agreed that we should be buying snacks from the nearest store like SaveMore, so we could save more pennies upon our stay there in the park. There are little stores inside and around the park, but it is too pricey—more like double the price from a usual store. So if you are going to take a walk around or simply just chill there, I suggest you should bring yourself with you a bunch of snacks already—and also a great camera for sight taking.
From the first few steps, after you passed this big Rizal Park sign—you could easily see a nearby pond where there situated the Philippines’ archipelago.

After that, you will see a giant in a circular form. It’s a statue named after Lapu-Lapu, the first Filipino hero who fought against Magellan (The Spanish leader of conquerors) in 1521. By the time I took this picture, it’s already sunset. Isn’t it beautiful?

If you would walk around the park for the first time, you might be offered photo services by online slots Malaysia these green-vested photographers. They’re the park’s official photographer, and they can take a photo of you with hard copies for 150-300 Pesos. I think he was instructing the couple here how to pose properly for the camera.

Next, I head onto a replica of a traditional Filipino house, where a lady guard and a man stands in front of it.

Then, I had the chance to take a picture of a beautiful horse with his driver—one of Rizal Park’s great means of touring around. The basic price costs only P50 Pesos per person. You can also ride a little train shuttle, where you can have a quick tour for only P050-100 per person in one ride.

I also saw some ice cream vendors around, which offers affordable yet delicious ice cream desserts. I bought a cone-sized ice cream and continued my stroll. I have come across a helpful sign along the way.

If you are eager to learn about the Philippine history, you can always go visit the Philippines’ National Museum of Natural History nearby. Currently, we can’t go inside as it is under renovation.
Rizal Park also has many gardens and ponds one could enjoy—like this Chinese Garden (Pic) and the Orchidarium. There is an entrance fee that costs only P10-20 Pesos per person. Along it came also the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium, where live concerts and operatic performances are usually held.

By 7 PM in the evening, we watched the Rizal Park’s fountain dance—one of the park’s real entertaining thing. There were speakers situated around, and each fountain dance along the songs they play. It usually lasts up to 10 PM.

You can always go back in Rizal Park all through any day of the week. Experience Philippines’ famous park to date. Never miss the chance to visit Rizal Park one of these days!

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